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The National People’s Congress (NPC) is China’s rubber-stamp legislature. Out of the more than 5,100 delegates to these two assemblies, 209 possess individual wealth of more than 2 billion yuan (US$290 million). More than 100 of the wealthy individuals are members of the NPC, and 97 are from the CPPCC. According to the survey, their cumulative assets tallied “almost 3.5 trillion yuan” (US$507
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Economist Gan Li and his researchers at Chengdu’s Southwestern University of Finance and Economics  showed that China’s Gini coefficient, a measure of income inequality, had reached 0.61, well above the 0.4 level widely considered destabilizing by economists.  The top 1 percent held more than one-quarter of China’s wealth, while 430 million Chinese struggled day-to-day. Gan’s research
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The world has got only four months to save millions of people in Yemen and Somalia from starvation, the International Committee of the Red Cross says. "Yemen, South Sudan, Somalia and Nigeria, the root cause of this crisis is conflict, conflict that has been going on for years and that has been destroying livelihoods. People cannot farm their fields, people are displaced numerous times,
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On Thursday 16th March, the Scottish Government released two sets of poverty statistics, on how many people live in poverty and on how many people live in ‘persistent poverty’, in other words, have been in poverty for three of the last four years.The figures are stark.17% of Scotland’s population live in poverty before housing costs, equivalent to 880,000 people.  When you include housing costs, a further 170,000 people are in poverty – pushing the total figure to over a million people living in poverty and 1 in 5 of the population.Poverty rates have fluctuated over the past few years, but seem to now be on the rise. More worryingly, poverty among working people is increasing fastest of all, perhaps reflecting the growth in part-time working, zero hours contracts, and low wages that fail to rise in line with inflation and living costs.More than 1 in 4 children in Scotland live in poverty. And for the first time, we now know that over 1 in 10 children are classed as living in persistent poverty, meaning that they have been growing up in poverty for at least 3 in the last 4 years. The potential impact on the education attainment and wellbeing of each of these children is damning.
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In January Toronto officials announced plans to double the amount of cameras at intersections, which is currently at 77. The expansion is part of the city's new $80 million road safety plan, which Mayor John Tory has championed with the aim of eliminating traffic deaths and serious injuries. Methods of surveillance always start in a way the public as a whole find acceptable. In the U.S. it was supposedly to ''combat terrorism''. All these techniques can and will be used to crush opposition to capitalism, but it won't do them a bit of good when the vast majority vote to end it. Steve and John.
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